Noxiapinch is known as the Poisin Blade pokemon, number 003, a bug/poisin type. It is the evolution of Pinchetox, and the final in it's evolution chain. It is also one of the last of it's kind, as when it used to be a pinchy, it was used for fights in arenas, and eventually nearly died out.

It's body looks similar to a Centipede's, as it has multiple joints in a long, slender, snake like position. In evolution, it lost it's legs, but it's two slender arms, with giant toxic blades remained there, and seemingly grew huge. Also, it now has longer, larger pincers, as well as two very, very powerful poisin glands in it's mouth, adding to it's lethal bites.

Now, with such strong toxic blades, and jaws, they will kill any pokemon for food, whether it is bigger or not. It's weight is about 421 pounds, and is about 12 feet tall, when completly outstretched. The blades on it's arms are 4 feet long, and can slice through steel. It's ability is Metal Slice, which means all physical attacks by Noxiapinch are super effective against steel types.

As was all of it's evolution chain, Noxiapinch is very territorial. They'll hold intense competitions where the males try to push each other away from their land/territory with their large blades. Having that being said, they were also the cause of their own near extinction. They all killed eachother off, and eventually there were none left in the wild.

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