Pinchetox is the Toxic Bite pokemon, number 002 in the pokedex. It is the evolution of Pinchy, and the pre-evolution of Noxiapinch. It is only obtainable if evolved from Pinchy, however, and it is confirmed one of the last of it's kind.

Their basic body is that of an elongated scorpion, if I had to pick a comparison. It has a long, slender torso, with large eyes, pincers, head, and antennea. The main improvement in evolution was it growing large blade-like hands, which it uses to stab opponents in vital areas, then inject with poisin from their fangs, if the stab didn't kill it.

They have given up their main diet of Pecha Berries, and now are mainly carnivorous. They now can prey on pokemon from the size of a mere Wikipede, to a fully grown Aeroka.

As was Pinchy, Pinchetox is extremly territorial. Fighting over anything they happen to be standing on, they will not give up their land for anything.

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